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Dancing With The Stars: Top 10 Kirstie Alley Movie And Television Moments

When Kirstie Alley started Dancing With The Stars, the overweight 60-year-old didn’t seem like much of a contender, but turned out as 2nd place winner of the show. The feisty actress and positive self-image advocate […]


Five Easy Shortcuts To Make Your Metabolism Work Overtime

The body’s metabolism is the key to dropping weight and keeping your vital organs function smoothly, and the faster it runs, the more calories are burned, which results in more weight loss. You metabolism breaks […]


Ten Of The Craziest Fad Diets (That You Should Probably Never Try)

Everywhere around you people are probably talking about “getting in shape for the summer,” their “diet plans,” and how they’d finally like to “look good in a bikini.” While striving for health is fashionable all […]


Temptation Got the Best Of Me!

I was so proud of myself this morning. I started my day the right way. I hit the gym to get a good workout in. I sweated buckets and felt my body getting stronger. I […]