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Molly’s Comedy Mix At Half-Past Six: Hurricane Irene!

On today’s Molly’s Comedy Mix we’ve got Jim’s little niece, Molly, talking about Hurricane Irene! Check her out after the jump!


‘Hurricane’ Irene: The Morning After

Now that Hurricane Irene is safely behind us, Jim & Kim decided to highlight some of the most entertaining (if not most intelligent) news reports from the east coast. Makes sure you check them out […]


Happy Spring!

Yay!!  Spring is officially here and I’m so excited!!  I love warm weather and being outside — it means driving with the windows down and wearing a light jacket instead of a big winter coat!  […]


Has spring “sprung”?

What a BEAUTIFUL day today!  It got up close to 60 degrees where I live, and I took FULL advantage of that!  I got a lot of work done outside the house, and even took […]