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Woman Devours Two Slices Of Pizza On KissCam, Internet Falls In LoveWhy bother making out with your boy/girlfriend when you can shove two slices of pizza in your mouth?
Love Birds, Too Busy Making Out, Completely Miss Armed RobberyThe amorous couple does seem to notice the action, but only after the suspects leave and the bartender shuts the register.
Grown Man Tries Apple Pie for the First TimeWe're not even sure this is physically and emotionally possible, but who are we to call him a liar?
Mother Knows Best: Corgi Mom Teaches Puppy How to Sit Like a Good DogJust a little paw pat on the bottom from this corgi mom and there you have it, a well-trained puppy.
Mom Videos Kids Struggling To Load A WalkmanIn all fairness, the Walkman has been obsolete for well over a decade now but still, it's comically simple... right?
Parody Song Says It's 'Too Soon for Christmastime'
Is This the World's Funniest Flight Attendant?A Southwest flight attendant made the boring safety speech about seat belts and oxygen masks much more listenable by cracking a few jokes.
The LAST Thing You Want To See Before Your Plane Takes OffWhat would you do if you saw a part of your plane fall off right before take off?
Is It Magic, Strength, or Science? Man Makes Real-Life Thor Hammer Only He Can Pick UpA man created a real-life Thor hammer that only he can pick up.
Man Pulled Over After Using Case Of Beer As A Seat While Driving Construction EquipmentOnly in the South.
The Gum Commercial That Has America SobbingSomehow, the makers of extra gum have been able to capture legit love in one minute and become one of the most talked about commercials of the year!
Little Girl Catches Huge Fish With Barbie PollThis might be the cutest fishing video EVER!!!

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