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Softball Player Hits Home Run… Behind His Back

Alright… HOW is this even possible?!?


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Who Runs The World? Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala, That’s Who!

If you were on the fence regarding this issue since 2011, 14-year-old Larsen Thompson and 11-year-old Taylor Hatala have just proven that girls do indeed run the world (I have twin 10-year-olds. I ALREADY knew […]


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Mick Fanning, Luckiest Surfer Alive, Dodges Shark Attack On Live TV

Luckiest. Surfer. Alive! There’s not a scratch on him after being attacked by a shark on live TV!


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Little Boy Has Meltdown After Stepping in Poop

We can STILL remember stepping in dog poop for the first time. It might even be one of our first memories.


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Norwegians On Helium OR Despicable Me Minions?

Now we know that those adorable little “Minions” from Universal Pictures’ ‘Despicable Me’ are actually speaking a language – Norwegian (No not really!).


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3 Men in Heels Make Beyoncé Proud in New Viral Dance Video

Any woman who has strapped on her stilettos and tried to copy Beyoncé’s moves knows it’s no easy feat. That’s what makes this new video of three men in some very high, very spiky heels even more impressive.


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Celine Dion Responds To Man’s Viral Video For ‘All By Myself’ Shot In a Las Vegas Airport

The singer even has a few words of advice on how the man could have spent his alone time.


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Joe Jonas Asks Fan Out With Awkwardly Hilarious ‘Sexy Sax Man’ Video

Joe Jonas might not have been able to take one female fan to her college formal, but he found a pretty great way to decline.


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30-Somethings Parody Taylor Swift’s “22” In Viral Video

If imitation is the best form of flattery, what is parody? Second, perhaps? Taylor Swift’s new single 22 has been spinning on radio for about a month now, and this week, the internet checked in with the parody 32 by YouTube channel, Fuse.


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Viral Video: What Happens To Disney Princesses After The Credits Roll?

What really happened to the Disney princesses after they lived happily ever after? A new viral video finally reveals what the ladies have been up to. Spoiler alert: Things aren’t as happy as they originally seemed.