Two and a Half Men

Tabloid Trash: Looking For An Internship, Try Charlie Sheen!

Charlie Sheen is looking for an intern to manage his social networking.  Interested?  Find out the details in today’s Tabloid Trash!


Jon Cryer Does The Work Of 'Two And A Half Men'

All of this crazy Charlie Sheen stuff going on, we have all forgotten about the other stars of the show Two and a Half Men.  We know that Charlie has been trying to get the […]


Two and a Half Men Fallout: John Stamos to Be the New Charlie Sheen?

Does anyone else have renewed respect for Denise Richards? Yes, Charlie Sheen is a train wreck. Yes, he did recently refer to himself as a drug and say your face would melt off if you […]


Charlie Sheen Is Sober, Fuming Mad And Suing CBS

Charlie Sheen is quite a character.  Just last Thursday he blasted the producer of his CBS television show Two and a Half Men during a radio interview, calling him a ”stupid, stupid little man,” and a […]


Charlie Sheen Says He's A Stand-Up Guy On His Show

Charlie Sheen says he’s never been drunk or high on the set of his hit sitcom, and that he knows how to deal with a lack of sleep. In an interview aired Wednesday, the star […]


Charlie Sheen Thanks CBS Bosses, Fans For Support

Charlie Sheen thanked his bosses, co-stars and fans for their support Wednesday, hours after authorities released a 911 call in which a doctor described the actor as “very, very intoxicated” and in pain. Sheen’s thanks […]


Charlie Sheen Spent How Much On Prostitutes?

Charlie Sheen has expensive tastes, especially when it comes to hookers.  His drug-fueled weekend in Sin City earlier this month reportedly cost the out-of-control star $26,000 for three escorts.


Malicious Gossip: Charlie Sheen returns to work!

Charlie Sheen returned to work on Two and a Half Men this week!  Find out how his co-workers responded!


Charlie Sheen’s New ‘Do

Have you ever had one of those haircuts that made you cry as soon as you got in the car? Ladies, you know what I am talking about…A bad day at the beauty salon can […]