Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

You Can Have Bella’s Wedding Gown! Edward Not Included!

First it was Kate Middleton’s dress that everyone HAD TO HAVE. Now it’s Bella From Twilight creating a race to bridal shops for the bride to be who wants the most romantic wedding ever!


Exclusive Press Images from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Twilight Cookies: You Know, For Sparkly Vampires with a Sweet Fang!

Hey Twi-hards! There is a TON of Twilight merchandise out there… but few you can actually sink your fangs into! Feast your eyes on these edible Twilight treats…


Fresh New Video: Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Bruno Mars. Twilight. Two great tastes that go great together! That’s exactly what has happened with Bruno’s latest single “It Will Rain”. It’s the lead off single to the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One” […]


Bruno Mars Debuts New Twilight Track “It Will Rain”

Today’s a big day for new music! One of our favorite guys, Bruno Mars, is BACK with a brand new single. This time he’s hooked up with those vampires and werewolves for a song off […]


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Taylor Lautner’s New Ride Is Pretty Sweet, Let’s Count Down the Days ‘Til He Ruins It…

The boy with the golden abs has one more thing to drool over… his car. According to TMZ, Lautner just plunked down $200,000 of his hard-earned ‘Twilight’ money for a silver, 2012 SLS AMG with […]


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Taylor Lautner Channels Kevin Costner For Funny Or Die Skit, Still Has the Best Abs of Any Werewolf Alive (Or Undead)

“Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa.” Here is Lautner and “Funny or Die’s” take on the NFL lockout, which takes a lot of inspiration from the 1989 film “Field of Dreams.” Check it out!


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New Movie Previews, Including the Epic “Breaking Dawn” Trailer

Wooooo Twilight! On November 18th, “Breaking Dawn” will open in theaters and the fangirls will cry and we’ll all see Bella have freaky vampire-baby problems. SO PSYCHED! The new trailer is getting lots of buzz, […]


Twilight Wins Big, New Trailer For Breaking Dawn

They may as well have called it the TWILIGHT MOVIE AWARDS last night at the MTV Movie Awards! Taking best Male Performance, Best Female Performance, Best Kiss and Best Fight the cast of Twilight rarely […]