photo by: Dan Swartz

HE’S SAFE! How The White House-Pardoned Thanksgiving Turkey Spent His Big Night In Washington

How did the luckiest Turkey in America spend the night before his big White House pardon?  We’ve got the details!


(Photo by NBC/Newsmakers)

Top 10 Classic Sitcom Thanksgivings

Let’s travel back in time to an age where the hit shows were either on CBS, ABC or NBC, snow could even happen in Florida (at least on your TV when the rabbit ears gave […]



Thanksgiving Traditions Across the Country

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Tabloid Trash: Martha’s Drunk Turkeys

Martha Stewart gets her turkeys drunk before she slaughters them for Thanksgiving!   Listen here!


Boneheads in the News: Turkey In The Pants

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J-Lo cancels controversial North Cyprus show

Jennifer Lopez called off a controversial birthday show in the breakaway north of Cyprus, provoking celebrations Friday by Greek Cypriots while Turkish Cypriots denounced the move.