"Nice nails, toots!"

How Much Should You Tip Your Manicurist at the End of the Year?

Tomorrow is my last day before vacation, so I’m headed over to my favorite nail salon in the West Village for my Christmas manicure. And, I’m bringing extra money to tip my girl for the […]


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How Much Should You Tip Your Mailman This Year?

In real life, I am a fantastic tipper, but when it comes to holiday tipping, I’m totally clueless. I didn’t think that I was clueless. I discovered it when we started on our tipping odyssey… […]


Big Tipper!

Looking for Holiday Tipping Advice? We Went Right to the Source!!

‘Tis the season… for tipping everyone that has ever touched your hair, delivered your paper, mowed your lawn, parked your car or delivered your mail. But how much are they really expecting from you? We […]


"How much?!?"

How Much Do You Tip the Maid at Christmas?

Like I know! I had to call our boss to find out! All this week on the morning show we are pulling back the tipping veil… Instead of spouting all those facts and figures from […]


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Do You Tip Waiters Based On Their Appearance?

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the service just wasn’t up to par? How ’bout a restaurant where the servers weren’t up to par? And how about a restaurant where everything was perfectly […]