Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn Slams Project Runway

Tim Gunn posted (and then quickly deleted) a vlog expressing his recent frustration over the “Jackie O Challenge” on a recent episode of Project Runway. Who knew clothes could make someone look that angry and […]


Celebrate Fashion Week with Kim's Book on the Beach

Make it Work!!! Those words have been immortalized by  Tim Gunn and if you’re a fan of this Project Runway staple then definitely pick up his new tome. Not only does he give  you advice on how […]


Tim Gunn Hates Taylor Momsen

Now this is juicy. It appears that Tim Gunn, fashion aficionado and all around awesome guy, just filmed a cameo for Gossip Girl. Let’s just say he was not impressed with his interactions with actress/The […]


What's Fresh Around Town for Thursday!

Tim Gunn is at Kate Spade tonight!  That just one of the many things on our list of What’s Fresh Around Town!



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