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The Social Experiment That Made Every Subway Conductor Smile [VIDEO]

The life of a New York City subway conductor is a rather lonely one: you’re cooped up in a small, loud room with no one to talk to. They deserve to smile.


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Michael Buble Sings In NYC Subway, Melts Hearts During Rush Hour

Crooner Michael Bublé took over the NYC Subway today at West 66th Street for a surprise acapella performance of his single “Who’s Lovin’ You” off of his brand new album “To Be Loved” with the group […]


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Ellen Grossman’s Ride On The R Train Made Her Famous, Thanks To Jay-Z!

I ride the subway all the time and have yet to see someone famous like 67-year-old artist, Ellen Grossman who met Jay-Z on the R Train while on his way to his final performance at the Barclay’s Center.


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Can You Meet Mr. Right (Or Mr. Right Now) On The Subway?!

By engaging in anti-social behavior on the subway, you may be missing your chance to meet the man of your dreams! The subway is like happy hour for finding a hook up!


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Jim & Kim’s Meet On the Street: Don’t You Think the Subways Should Offer More?

Now that the MTA has come up with four new plans and all of them involve more money coming out of our pockets, it’s time to ask WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME??!!


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’80s Icon Rick Springfield Plays NYC’s Penn Station On Subway Tour

The music man/General Hospital heartthrob himself is making the rounds of New York City entertaining his fans, and not in the usual venues.


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Producer Craig’s Ticket Dilemma: To Fight Or Not To Fight?

One of the perks about living in NYC is not having to worry about getting tickets. The only ones I’ve ever had the bad fortune of getting were speeding tickets and since I haven’t driven regularly in 16 years, that hasn’t been a problem. My luck changed on the subway last week…


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New York City Teens Play Chicken With Oncoming Subway Train

In a classic instance of “boys will be boys,” several New York City teens decided it would be in their best interest to play a game of chicken with an oncoming subway train. Though there […]


"Take a picture, it'll last longe... oh, wait!"

Jim & Kim Present: Producer Craig’s Subway Dilemma!

Today on the show, we talked about something that happened to me over the weekend. I cannot begin to say how much it upset me. I had just walked through the turnstyle at the subway […]


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Subway Singer Rivals Adele with ‘Someone Like You’

That feeling of trepidation when yet another subway performer starts their act, you know you have it. It’s time to grab a book, or some headphones, and avoid eye contact until it is all over. […]