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If I Had $173 Million Dollars… What Would I Do?

If I had $173 million dollars, what would I do with all of that cash? That’s the very question each member of the Jim & Kim Show asked one another this morning… and we also asked the people […]


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Jim & Kim: Joey, the Marching Band Quitter Guy, Calls In!

We talked this morning with Joey, who has received over a million hits for his YouTube video called, “Joey Quits.” You know, the video we showed you this morning where Joey uses the services of […]


"Hmm... Truffles or sex? Yep... truffles!"

Jim & Kim: What Food Would You Turn Down “The Deed” For?

A recent study found that women fantasize about food more often than sex! Shocker, huh? But it’s true… and not just for women! So we took to the streets of Manhattan and asked what food […]


Nice parking spot...

Jim & Kim: What Are You Thinking? You Can’t Fit Into That Space!

While the morning show was heading home from the studios here on Hudson Street yesterday, Producer Craig discovered he forgot his backpack. It turned out to be quite fortuitous for me and Jim. While we […]


"You shouldn't have said that..."

Class Is in Session: Things You Should Never Say to a Woman 101

Producer Craig said something to me this morning that a man SHOULD NEVER SAY TO A WOMAN!! I was getting a little weepy over a commercial on TV and he said “Is it that time?” […]


"There's nothing better than a HOT shower!"

Complete This Thought: There Is Nothing Better Than A…

It was so rainy and gloomy when I got up this morning, that I had a really tough time getting up and going. Have you ever had a morning like that? I finally dragged myself […]


"Can't catch me, Copper!"

If You Could Commit a Crime AND NOT GET CAUGHT, Would You Do It?

If you could commit a crime AND NOT GET CAUGHT, would you actually be able to do it… and what exactly would your master plan be? We decided to ask New Yorkers on the streets […]



Are Our Kids Allergic To Listening?

The other day on Facebook, I came across a phrase that stuck with me… my friend (who has seven and nine-year-old boys) said that her kids had a new allergy… they are “allergic to listening!”


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End of Summer: What Did YOU Fail To Accomplish?

It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over… Labor Day weekend is only a day away! The fall always makes me a little sad. It feels like change is in the air. I’ve noticed […]