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(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

J&K’s Meet on the Street: Who Would You Like to Scratch Off Your Christmas List?

Forget Santa’s Naughty and Nice list… the big man knows who has been good this year, but I have one person on my list I would like to cross off of it! Do you have one of those?


Photo by Felix Kunze/Getty Images

Bringing Sexy Back (In the Form of Fanny Packs!)

That’s right! I said it… I love my fanny pack!! Up until this morning, I thought it was still in style. I had no idea that fanny packs are considered passe. A fanny pack is […]


Photo by Producer Craig/Fresh 102.7

We Got Caught Up in the Big Blue Hullabaloo!

The Giants celebrated their big Super Bowl win with a ticker tape down the Canyon of Heroes, and Jim, Producer Craig and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it yesterday. As soon as […]


"Can I pay you to BE QUIET!"

If You Had $500 to Give To Someone in Your Family to Be Quiet…Who Would It Be?!

We’re giving away money on again on Fresh!! I know, you’re probably dreading getting your credit card bill this month because you most likely overspent on gifts (and yourself, too) for the holidays. So, we […]


Put Away Your Shoes Toots!

What Do You Fight With Your Significant Other About the Most?

I love my wife, Cupcake… We’ve been together for 25 wonderful years and the reason we’re still together is that we’re still really great friends. She puts notes in my lunch every morning and my […]


"Kiiiim, yoooou caaaan't siiiiiing!"

Hey, Jealousy!

Yesterday morning, Kim and I were talking about being jealous. It all started when Kim admitted that while she was listening to a woman on the subway who had her headphones on and was singing […]


"I wanna be a Kardashian when I grow up!"

What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

When you were little, did you dream of becoming an athlete or an actor or a bus driver…remember how glamourous working in a grocery store or post office seemed when you were a kid? So […]


"Mmmm... all the cholesterol my arteries can take!"

In a Perfect World, What Would You Like As An ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Establishment?

Do you like Whoppers from Burger King? Do you LOVE them? Well, you might want to visit Japan. Out in the Land of the Rising Sun, the King is offering unlimited, all-you-can-eat Whoppers at his […]


"Mmmmm... Candy Corn!"

Keep The Riff Raff Away: Give Kids CANDY For Halloween!

You know when you went trick or treating with your friends on Halloween, there were always those homes that gave away the single lollipops, or the small bag of pennies, or the ball of popcorn […]


"Let's go... I think I saw a razor blade in that 3 Musketeers!"

What Are Parents Dressing Up As This Halloween?

Since Halloween is this coming Monday, we’re getting the jump on what Moms and Dads will be dressing-up as while out on the street begging for cavities with their lil Bieber’s & Beyonce’s.