Snack Burglar

How Do You Catch Someone Who Is Stealing Stuff from Your Office?!

We have pretzels, Twizzlers, cashews, Girl Scout cookies and other generally not-so-healthy food in our office. But when we want a quick snack, it’s there… until recently!


(Mike Stobe/Getty Images for USTA)

Owl City And Carly Rae Jepsen Sued Over “Good Time”

It happens all the time: a small artist, songwriter or producer file suit against a much bigger artist for stealing their song idea. But this artist might have a stronger case than most.


Video Still via YouTube

Cops Post Video of Dancing Shoplifter on YouTube: What Song Do You Think He’s Dancing To?

Police in New Jersey are getting SOCIAL! Cops have turned to the YouTubes for help in finding a suspect wanted for attempted shoplifting. K-Mart surveillance cameras caught a man in a store dancing up a […]