Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Think You Make a Mean Snowman? Check Out Fitzy Snowman’s Snow Sculptures!

Remember the days when the snow fell and you didn’t groan inwardly because it means you have to do the white-knuckle drive to work… but instead you watched TV to see if your school was delayed and started gathering clothing and veggies to make a cool snowman?!


Snow Cancels Lady Gaga Concert In Paris

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] isn’t having much luck in Paris. In October, the pop diva’s concerts in Paris were postponed amid nationwide strikes over a government plan to raise the retirement age. One show was rescheduled […]


The coolest snow art I have seen in snowy 2010!

How great is this photo!! I saw this on my way to the store yesterday. Brilliant. Only in Brooklyn. Have you seen anything like this? Email me anytime, and I’ll post worthy shots!


My Husband just does not get it!

Hi it’s Robin!… As per my husband’s request, when I asked him this question, he said, “Ask your FaceBook Friends. There’s NO WAY, you’ll listen to ME on this one.” So. Ok. I’m asking.”


My Frozen Car

So, after all that sn*w, I pretended I didn’t own a car for a few days.  But it was finally time to go dig out today…  I park on the street, and of course, everyone […]