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Fist Pumpin’ Baby Update: Snooki Spotted With Lil Guido Bump?

These past couple of days have been all about your favorite Jersey girl, Snooki. You know… when rumors starting going around that she was pregnant, things got a little out of control.


Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

Is Snooki REALLY Three Months Pregnant?!

Either you love Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, or you hate her. There’s no in between. But she’s about to lose whatever respect she had from people after she reveals her secret pregnancy. Why would she lose […]


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How Much Are Celebrities Paid to Tweet?

Let’s talk about Twitter. I love Twitter. It’s my source for news, entertainment, socializing, and even the occasional shout out to a celebrity. In fact, you can follow me on Twitter right here! See what […]


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Snooki Gets Skinny: GTL All Day, Everyday!

The Jersey Shore may have finished shooting, but Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is still rocking the GTL hard and keeping red carpet ready! And by “GTL” I mean “weight loss pills”.


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Who Do YOU Consider To Be the Most Annoying Celebrity?

Kim Kardashian has been named the Most Annoying Celebrity in a poll by Parade Magazine and Yahoo’s OMG! She took 29-percent of the vote, just beating out Charlie Sheen. The top five most annoying stars […]


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Molly’s Comedy Mix: Divorce, Obama and Snooki!

On today’s Molly’s Comedy Mix we’ve got Jim’s little niece, Molly, talking about Divorce, President Obama, and Snooki! Check her out after the jump!


Molly's Comedy Mix

Molly’s Comedy Mix at Half-Past Six: Snooki, Katie Couric & Michele Bachman!

On today’s Molly’s Comedy Mix we’ve got Jim’s little niece, Molly, talking about Snooki, Katie Couric and Michele Bachman! Check her out after the jump!


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What Did Celebrities Have To Say About The East Coast Earthquake?

Hollywood type people are no doubt used to the earth moving beneath them, but those of us out east were a little shaken up yesterday, literally, when a 5.9 earthquake hit.  It was centered in Mineral, […]


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New Trailer for Jersey Shore — I’m Sorry, ITALY Shore

“J-Woww and her boobies are going to Italy.” Um, ok. Season 4 of Italy Jersey Shore begins on Thursday, August 4th. Regardless of their trans-Atlantic relocation, the gang seems just as drunk and belligerent as […]


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Snooki Gets Sexy with a Potted Plant

Our little Snooki seems to be recovering from her breakup with Jionni LaValle quite well.  Look, she even has someone new to dance with… “Someone” meaning a potted ficus plant.