Kim’s Really Wild Dream: Does This Seem Weird to You?

I made the mistake of telling Jim and Producer Craig about this dream. I think maybe the glass of wine mixed with Benadryl for my allergies might be responsible for it… but, here it is.


(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

fun. On Drinking (Ir)Responsibly And Getting Bad Advice

After a true drunken night out, the guys revealed who holds their hair back. “You went to college, you must have gotten so drunk that you did something,” guitarist Jack Antonoff joked.


"Jim, where are my shoes?"

I’ve Got a Sleep Talker At Home, and She Wants Her Shoes!

This morning, I was talking about how, every once in a while, my wife will “sleep talk.” Sometimes she says things that are nothing more than a whisper, other times it’s a whole conversation. Last […]



How To Get the Kids Back in Bed for the School Year…

We have some important tips to help parents transition their families from a summer sleep (or lack thereof) schedule to a school sleep schedule. Your kids are thwarted at every turn by electronics, social media, less-than-ideal […]


Woman Sleeping via ClipArt

Catch Those Zzzz’s Ladies… Or You’ll Eat WAY Too Much!

How many of you ladies actually wake up day-in and day-out feeling 100 percent refreshed? Only one of you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I, myself, am perpetually tired… yup, including right now. Studies, however, […]


Charlie Sheen Says He's A Stand-Up Guy On His Show

Charlie Sheen says he’s never been drunk or high on the set of his hit sitcom, and that he knows how to deal with a lack of sleep. In an interview aired Wednesday, the star […]


Malicious Gossip: Kate Gosselin Sleeps In A Van

Find out why Kate Gosselin has resorted to sleeping in a van!  Listen here!


Lindsay Lohan Sleeps Well in Prison

Lindsay Lohan’s time behind bars has been a snoozefest so far. An insider tells People magazine that LiLo has “slept soundly for most of her time in custody.” But that might have more to do […]