September 11


This Week On FM Magazine: Friends of Firefighters

Deb Gordon’s guest was Nancy Carbone Founder and Executive Director of Friends of Firefighters, Inc, a non-profit she started in 2001, shortly after the events surrounding September 11 with the mission to provide long term […]


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Never Forget 9/11? We Couldn’t, Even If We Tried…

I can’t do my radio show without tearing up today. While on the air this morning I’ve got the news on here in the studio and in between songs I see the faces of those that lost so much 12 years ago today as they read the names at the 9/11 memorial. Maybe you’re having the same kind of day.


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5 Events To Mark The 9/11 Anniversary Tonight In NYC

As New York City continues to rebuild, today we take a moment to remember those we lost as well as honor those who responded to the attacks that forever changed our lives. Below are 6 9/11-related events happening throughout the city. We will never forget. By Carly Petrone.


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Spike Lee, State Farm Team Up To Make Firemen Cry

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, State Farm insurance partnered with famed director Spike Lee to film a tribute to thank the heroes of New York. Nearly 150 school children (ages 8-11) from the […]


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Remembering The World Trade Center Through The Eyes Of Hollywood

This video compilation is awesome and it just goes to show you how many movies from 1969-2001 featured the Twin Towers.  It brings back great memories and it’s well worth the 3 minutes to check […]


This Week On FM Magazine: 9-11 Day of Service and Remembrance

Deb Gordon’s guest was Jay Winuk co-creator of the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance, which is designed to provide a positive and forward looking way for the community to honor and remember the 9 […]


WATCH: List of 9/11 Anniversary Documentaries

This Sunday marks the 10-year anniversary of the tragic September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and rural Pennsylvania. All weekend long, various channels will be airing their own documentaries to commemorate […]


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9/11 Anniversary: A Look Back at the Return of Letterman

I remember the days after September 11th, 2001.  Great sadness, agony, and fear.  Mixed in with that was anger.  Nobody wanted to laugh or be happy.  It was tough.  However, the president, and the mayor […]


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Ten Songs We Love About New York In Honor of 9/11

As the days approach marking the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, Fresh has decided to put a list together of ten songs that we love that are about New York. We pay homage to the […]


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In Memory of Those We Lost: DJ Sammy & Yanou’s “Heaven”

When the attacks first happened, this song become one of the staples for all of those that felt any sense of loss. I’m talking about DJ Sammy’s “Heaven.”