Election Day Secrets

While election news broke, setting a new Twitter record, some people were using the platform to reveal their bizarre #electiondaysecrets.


"Shhh... don't tell mom!"

When Is a Good Time To Break Those Secrets To Your Parents? The Holidays? Let’s Find Out…

We stumbled on a secret that a co-worker has been keeping from his parents. It’s a secret that he is nervous is going to come out if he doesn’t tell them. Nothing life-altering, but he’s […]


OneRepublic Premiere “Secrets” Video

OneRepublic have followed up their huge hit “All The Right Moves” with a new video off of their latest album, Waking Up, for the song “Secrets”. Watch the video after the jump.


Sometimes, we must be Careful of what we Wish for

  In this society of high divorce statistics, when we see a couple that has grown old together, it’s more of an oddity, than a daily occurance!  Don’t you wonder to yourself, “What did they […]