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Ryan Gosling Dancing in MC Hammer Pants is Too Good to Be True

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling was a babe magnet even at 12 years old.


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How Ryan Gosling Missed Out On Backstreet Boys Fame

Hey girl (and guys too), did you know that Ryan Gosling was almost a member of the Backstreet Boys?


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5 Of Ryan Gosling’s Movies That Are (Almost) Like His Real Life

Ryan Gosling’s acting career is oddly like his real life.


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A Happy Birthday Playlist For Ryan Gosling

Hey girl, swoon along to Ryan’s best movie moments and the songs that go with them.


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Ten Songs You Should Add To Your Halloween Playlist

This year, don’t just play the ‘Monster Mash’ on repeat.


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20 Pop Artists & Actors Who Skyrocketed Their Career With Disney

It’s hard to imagine a world without Disney. Many of today’s biggest and brightest stars got their career started with Disney, whether it was on “The Mickey Mouse Club,” all of their newer sitcoms, or […]


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Baby Face Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling Look Adorable On ‘Mickey Mouse Club’

Do you remember Xscape? During the ’90s, Xscape was a R&B pop group that boasted now-infamous names like Real Housewives of Atlanta diva Kandi Burrus T.I.’s wife Tiny Cottle. Do you remember Mickey Mouse Club? […]


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Ryan Gosling Breaks Up NYC Street Fight In Fancy Man Sandals

Let’s face it, The Notebook was enough to carve out a little place in the Swoontastic Hall of Fame for Ryan Gosling, but here he goes, being even more swoony. Gosling was just hanging out, […]


Malicious Gossip: Ryan Gosling's Next Role!

s next role is in a remake of an 80’s Cult Classic!  Want to find out which one it is?  Check out today’s Malicious Gossip!


Tabloid Trash: The Meanest Celebrities

Ryan Gosling may look like a nice guy in this picture with Michelle Williams but don’t be fooled!  He’s just made it to a list of the meanest celebrities!  Check out all the info here!