Royal Wedding

A Beer Fit For Royals… and Older Gentlemen!

William and Kate are going to be toasted using a very interesting mixture of substances that are sure to give the men a rise! Find out more about it in today’s edition of Tabloid Trash […]


How Many Hairdressers Will Do Kate Middleton's Hair On Her Wedding Day?

Would you believe SIX! Apparently a strand out of place will just NOT DO for a future princess!


Got Coin? The Royal Couple Does!

I don’t think you would use this to buy lunch, bus fare or high tea.  But, if you’re looking for a coolcoin, or depending on who you ask, hideous coin to collect, you may want to try […]


Check The Mailbox: Royal Wedding Invites Posted

Keep an eye on the mailbox – Britain’s Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton have sent out invites to their hotly anticipated royal wedding to around 1,900 guests. Military personnel and charity workers will mingle […]


Jim & Kim Morning Show Wrap-Up: December 10th

Check out all the highlights from today’s Jim and Kim Morning Show here! Malicious Gossip: Details on A Royal Wedding! Boneheads in the News! Fresh Fact or Fiction: Angelina Jolie edition! Tabloid Trash: Is the […]