Do You Have Relationship Rules? Man Shares His ‘Insane’ ListA guy recently bought a used car and found an ‘insane’ list of relationship rules from the previous owner that he found in the car.
#WTF?!: What's The Craziest Thing You've Overheard In Public?This morning, Karen and Jim revealed the craziest things they've overheard in public -- and Jim's story includes a VERY open couple!
What Is The Pettiest Reason You Didn’t Go On a Second Date?Jeffrey and Jill Nicolini revealed the pettiest reasons they didn’t go on a second date with someone – and the reasons will shock you!
Karen and Jeffrey Want to Know: How Annoying Are You In a Restaurant?How obnoxious are you and your significant other at a restaurant? This morning, Karen and Jeffrey gave Intern Anthony a quiz to see exactly how annoying he and his girlfriend Stephanie are when they go out to eat.
Can Emojis Really Save Your Relationship? Karen & Jeffrey Weigh InThis morning, Karen and Jeffrey talked about a life hack that may actually save your relationship if it’s in trouble ... emojis? Really?!!!!
Real Life Soap Opera: Polyamorous Couple Gets Tri-Custody of ChildA judge on Long Island has granted the first ever tri-custody of a child!
New Couple Alert: J.Lo and A-Rod!Is #JRod a thing?
Could You Date A Guy That's A Cat Lover?Could you date a man that is a cat lover? This morning, Karen, Jeffrey and Producer T talked about dating dealbreakers and Producer T admitted that she could NEVER date a man that's a cat lover.
Have You Ever Seen Drama Go Down at a Wedding?This morning, Karen and Jeffrey discussed a story about a couple who called off their $350,000 wedding after their family brawled at the rehearsal dinner.
Which Would You Choose: $1 Million a Year OR True Love For the Rest of Your Life?If you could choose receiving $1 million dollars a year or true love for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Karen and Jeffrey Discuss the '36 Questions That Lead To Love' - Part 3This morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed their most embarrassing moments, the last time they cried, and what they like about each other.
Karen and Jeffrey Discuss the '36 Questions That Lead To Love' - Part 2Karen and Jeffrey sat down this morning to find out once again just how compatible they are to each other. Did their questions clash? Or do Karen and Jeffrey have a lot more in common than we think?

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