Have You Ever Seen Drama Go Down at a Wedding?This morning, Karen and Jeffrey discussed a story about a couple who called off their $350,000 wedding after their family brawled at the rehearsal dinner.
Which Would You Choose: $1 Million a Year OR True Love For the Rest of Your Life?If you could choose receiving $1 million dollars a year or true love for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Karen and Jeffrey Discuss the '36 Questions That Lead To Love' - Part 3This morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed their most embarrassing moments, the last time they cried, and what they like about each other.
Karen and Jeffrey Discuss the '36 Questions That Lead To Love' - Part 2Karen and Jeffrey sat down this morning to find out once again just how compatible they are to each other. Did their questions clash? Or do Karen and Jeffrey have a lot more in common than we think?
Karen and Jeffrey Discuss the '36 Questions That Lead To Love' - Part 1Jeffrey revealed that the first question was: "Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?" Karen chose Jesus and Jeffrey chose Madonna.
Karen and Jeffrey Play 'The Hating Game'This morning, Karen and Jeffrey decided to play “the hating game” to see if they if they’d match on Hater. On words they hate, Karen is totally over “on fleek” while Jeffrey can’t stand the word “sausage.”
Karen vs Intern Anthony: Is Anthony WAY Too Young to Be 'Whipped'?Should Intern Anthony slow down with his GF Stephanie? Or should he follow his heart?
Phone Creeping Your Significant OtherJeffrey talks about the time he had the chance to spy on his husband, and we find out just how trustworthy New Yorkers are when it comes to their relationships.
Spud's Sexy Tinder Messages: 'Nudes Are Lit'I've been on a manhunt for a while now. Why, you ask? Because I have no one to tell me I'm pretty and scratch my back, except for my mom. ~Spud
Carson & Cane's Couple's Court: The Case of the 'Flirty Waitress'Today on Couple's Court we got absolutely nothing accomplished...oh except the fact that a marriage was basically broken up.
Love Birds, Too Busy Making Out, Completely Miss Armed RobberyThe amorous couple does seem to notice the action, but only after the suspects leave and the bartender shuts the register.
A Very Brave Man Has Asked Lindsay Lohan To Marry Him... and She Said Yes!Can't say we saw this one coming, but Lindsay Lohan is set to be a bride!

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