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How Romantic Was Your Marriage Proposal? Frank Chiaramonte Is Making You Look Bad!

Frank Chiaramonte has been with his girlfriend Alyssa Simeone for three years and their relationship has stood the test of time…six months after they started dating, Frank was diagnosed with cancer and Alyssa was by […]


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How Did You Propose to Your Sweetie? A New Viral Video Takes It to the Streets…

Thanks to YouTube, you can’t just propose on bended knee with ring in hand anymore. Too many creative men have come up with over the top, super romantic marriage proposals. I’m more of a simple […]


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Leap Year Proposal Disaster Caught On Film

There’s a little known tradition that happens every Leap Year, women all over the world propose to the men in their lives. Now honestly, in this day and age, I don’t see why anything is […]


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Worst. Proposal. Ever. – Woman Ditches Man On UCLA Jumbotron

2011 was the year of the viral proposal, and there’s no more popular time to get down on one knee than the holiday season. There is one guy, however, that was ensured a pretty craptacular […]


Wedding Proposal Movie Trailer Couple Matt & Ginny with Jim & Kim

Listen now as Jim & Kim talk to Matt & Ginny about their creative wedding proposal that will “make the movies jealous.”