Prenuptial agreement

Till death do you part.

What Ridiculous Conditions Would Be In Your Prenup?

Most of us don’t have to worry about a prenuptial agreement in our relationship. I know personally, I don’t have any assets that need protecting… But, it turns out it’s not just financial concerns that people are including in their prenups.


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Kris Humphries wants to take Kim Kardasian to Court

Till prenup do you part. As if you didn’t know, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian are getting divorced. GASP! The couple was married for seventy-two lovely days and are now court bound because Kris wants […]


Hugh Hefner Says 'No' to Prenup

Oh Hugh, Kanye West would be sooooo disappointed in you. Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, is planning on marrying Crystal Harris, a woman 60 years his junior on June 18th. Now TMZ is reporting that Heff has […]