Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire? You Be The Judge!

An antiques dealer came across a Civil War picture of a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Nicolas Cage. The picture was at the back of an album filled with death photos and he is […]



What Completely Skeeves You Out About the Opposite Sex?

Have you ever seen something in a guy that you immediately think… oooooh, gross! That just happened to me on the subway when I saw a guy in a mesh (yes, mesh) tank top and […]



Facebook or Foolin’ Around: What Do Women ‘Like’ More?

Earlier this month, a survey depressed people everywhere with their findings: women like playing online games more than having sex. This week, another organization released another survey: American women said that they much prefer showering, […]


Photo by Red Huber-Pool//Getty Images

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty In Murder Of Daughter

The verdict is in: After ten hours of deliberation, the jury has declared Florida mother, Casey Anthony, not guilty in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008. Here are the results of the […]


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Is J.Lo Worth A Raise To Bring Her Back To American Idol?

Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler are IN. They both recently confirmed that they will return as judges on American Idol for Season 11. But rumor has it Jennifer Lopez is holding out for more moolah…


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Jennifer Aniston Gets INKED For the First Time!

At age 42, actress Jennifer Aniston finally got her very first tattoo and it’s the name of someone she loves VERY much. No, it’s not a man from her past or present… but her very […]


Prepare To Weep With Tuesday's 'Funeral' On Glee

Waiting for Tuesday’s Glee episode will be remarkably hard for me, as I’ve already gone through half a dozen tissues while tearing up over the premise of next week’s “Funeral” episode. Rumors abound, but the […]


Scott McCreery, It May Be Time To Go!

You are unique! You are talented! But you are NOT the next American Idol! Okay well, that’s just my opinion, but aren’t we looking for a POP star here? This guy will have a tremendous […]


Social Networking or Ex Stalking?

Social networking  has made connecting with others virtually effortless. However, when you breakup with your significant other it can get somewhat complex. For example, what is the proper online etiquette when breaking up with that […]


Keeping It Together: Duran Duran Share The Secrets Of Their Longevity, Discuss Brilliant New Album

[pullquote quote=”We’ve got to be contemporary. That’s one of the reasons we’re still here 30 years after we started.” credit=”Simon Le Bon”] Few bands ever get to enjoy the feeling of watching their album move […]