Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Have You Been the Victim of Dog Rage?!

I was out walking my Bailey and Allie in the West Village the other day and I ran into the meanest old lady! My girls are 8-year old Black Labs. They are sisters and rescue […]


Gus the Bulldog via YouTube

Gus the Bulldog vs The Pool = WIN!

Check out this adorable English Bulldog named Gus as he takes his pool party indoors, literally. It’s Gus vs the Pool… and we ALL win! All I can say is …this is one smart bulldog. […]


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston Gets INKED For the First Time!

At age 42, actress Jennifer Aniston finally got her very first tattoo and it’s the name of someone she loves VERY much. No, it’s not a man from her past or present… but her very […]


Jim & Kim's Fresh Fact or Fiction: Feline Edition!

Today is National “Hug Your Cat” day so we’re dedicating today’s Fresh Fact or Fiction to all of our feline pals this morning!


Does Your Dog Talk to You?

Those are my babies!! My Bailey and Allie. They will be 8 years old next month and are the lights of my life! In this picture they look like a two-headed dog because they are […]


Guilty Dog Gets Me Every Time!

This video kills me… I would forgive this baby instantly! Poker face he is not… but when you see the human-like faces this pup makes, you’ll cave too!


Happy Spring!

Yay!!  Spring is officially here and I’m so excited!!  I love warm weather and being outside — it means driving with the windows down and wearing a light jacket instead of a big winter coat!  […]


Need A Good Cry? Watch This: Japanese Dog Keeps Vigil Over Friend

Amid the devastation in Japan, a reporter stumbles across a dog protecting another injured dog amid the debris from the earthquake and tsunami. The dog clearly protects his injured buddy in the background and appears […]


Upstate NY Man Marinates His Cat

This is a disturbing tale, but it works out OK in the end… I promise. Police recently arrested Gary Korkuc, 51, of Cheektowaga, NY (which is right by Buffalo) for animal cruelty. Why? Well, when […]


Cat and Dog lovers unite!

Yes, it’s true. Dogs and Cats can be hipsters too! These are the perfect websites to enjoy while snowed in.