Tabloid Trash: Christina Aguilera’s Party Crash

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Christina Aguilera[/lastfm] was apparently sick at a party thrown by Jeremy Renner!  Listen here for the details!


Tabloid Trash: Robert Pattinson’s 48K Halloween Party

Robert Pattinson enjoys Halloween so much that he enjoyed the day with a $48,000 Halloween Party!


Jon Bon Jovi's Loud House Party

“Ain’t No Party Like a Jon Bon Jovi Party“…Until the Police show up!  Apparently,[lastfm]Jon Bon Jovi[/lastfm] knows how to throw a party!  This past weekend at his home out in the Hamptons, JBJ was partying […]


Valentine’s Day. Not for everyone.

It’s OKAY to not be a fan of Valentine’s Day. I can’t remember the last time I was actually in a relationship ON Valentine’s Day. How could I like this nonsensical day? What an excuse […]