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Who’s Your Favorite Parent: Baby Gets Interrogated Law & Order Style!

Sure, we’re losing our freedom and handing over liberties faster than you can say “Occupy” here in America but that doesn’t mean we’re anything like those crazy Australians who apparently think it’s alright to interrogate […]


Nighttime Party!

When Was the Last Time You Were a Dirty Rotten Stay Out?!

My wife and I are hardly the party animals. We have a son, so we don’t usually spend the weekends out until all hours. We love to do family nights… Friday night was a Pay-Per-View […]


"Shhh... don't tell mom!"

When Is a Good Time To Break Those Secrets To Your Parents? The Holidays? Let’s Find Out…

We stumbled on a secret that a co-worker has been keeping from his parents. It’s a secret that he is nervous is going to come out if he doesn’t tell them. Nothing life-altering, but he’s […]


What Little Lies Did Your Parents Tell You as a Kid?

When I was a kid my mom used to tell me that if I swallowed my gum it would stay in my stomach for seven years…and I believed her!! So we got to thinking about […]


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Jim & Kim: Putting On Shows For Your Parents (Hey, We Still Do!)

This morning we talked about the video of 8-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee and her 5-year old cousin Rosie (who both live in Essex, England.) They do their own version of Nicki Minaj’s tune ‘Super Bass’ […]


"It's gonna be the Army for you, boy!"

Get A Haircut, Hippie!

My niece is getting married this weekend and my wife wants my son to get his hair cut for the occasion… of course, he doesn’t want to (he’s 20-years old, by the way!). They’ve actually […]


Baby Falls Into Water and Saves Himself!

Swimming pools can mean hours of playtime and summer fun for your kids.  But they can be as dangerous as they are fun for babies and young children who don’t know how to swim. Would […]