Moms & Dads, Think You’re Tough? 13-Year Old Gets Extensive Contract of Rules with his iPhone

The first rule read…”It is my phone. I bought it. I pay for it. I am loaning it to you. Aren’t I the greatest?”


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Travis Barker Stars In Hilarious “Helping Parents To Rock” Public Service Announcement

Parents that have lost their ability to rock should look no further than this hilarious public service announcement.


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Jordin Sparks Meets Jason Derulo’s Family

For most couples, meeting the parents is one big scary step. But not for Jordin Sparks.


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Snooki Was Scared To Tell Her Dad About Pregnancy

Snooki isn’t as immune to criticism as one might think. Sure, the Internet blew up with mini-me jokes as soon as it was revealed that the ‘Jersey Shore’ star was pregnant, but there was one […]



Is It My Dad’s Fault I’m Not Married?

I’m not sure when it happened, but it did. My dad went from saying “wait to get married until you’re a little older and have accomplished everything you want to on your own, including your […]


Happy Birthday, Craigy!

Jim & Kim’s Dilemma of the Day: Producer Craig’s Birthday Card Says “Love Mom &….”

What happens when you have visual proof that only one parent loves you?  Did the other parent simply forget to love you in that particular instance? Is it just an oversight?  Read on to find out…



What Teachers Really Want to Say to Parents When They Call…

Have you ever wondered what teachers think when you call in sick for your child? Or if they shake their heads when you have a million excuses for why they didn’t finish their homework on […]



I Have a Bone to Pick With My Father!!!

I’m super close to my family…my mom, my dad, brother and sister. I talk to them almost every day because they all live out of town, scattered about the country. I’m always so jealous when […]


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Meet The Parents: Kim’s Daddy Weighs In!

Yesterday we spoke with my hunka hunka burnin’ love, Michael, about our double daddy dates over the weekend when we met each other’s parents. TODAY, I had the man himself, my dad, call in to […]


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What Happened the First Time You Had to “Meet the Parents”?!

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking the first time you have to meet your new sweetie’s parents or vice versa. This past Super Bowl weekend, my boyfriend and I had dueling daddies and met each others […]