Really?!: Intern Anthony Says No Man Wants Their First Born To Be a GirlWould you actually be disappointed if your firstborn child was a girl? Intern Anthony wants his firstborn to be a boy and says that there is no man alive that would want their first born to be a girl! Jeffrey, on the other hand, says he would be horrified if he had a little boy.
Jeffrey May Have To Do Something Super Awkward In Order To Adopt ... What Is It?As we all know, Jeffrey and his husband are thinking about adopting a child. But, Jeffrey recently got an email from the adoption agency asking him to do something super awkward in order to adopt. What is it?!
Jeffrey Is Getting Parenting Advice From... Celebs?This morning, Jeffrey said he's been googling parenting advice and actually found some interesting advice from celebs.
Who Did Karen Punch in the Stomach While She Was in Labor?This morning, Jeffrey asked Karen, who has given birth to three kids, what her birthing playlist was...
Jeffrey's Adoption Meeting Was This Weekend... What Happened?!Find out what happened during the meeting that may have caused Jeffrey to have a change of heart.
Is Jeffrey Really Ready To Be a Parent?Is Jeffrey really ready to be a parent? This morning, Jeffrey revealed that he and his husband's adoption meeting is this weekend -- and he is freaking out! Karen tried to talk him off the ledge!
#HotMessMomMonday: Karen Shares Her Messy Moment From Over The WeekendToday is #HotMessMomMonday on Karen & Jeffrey and this morning, Karen spilled the tea on her messy mom moment from over the weekend with her kids.
Real Life Soap Opera: Polyamorous Couple Gets Tri-Custody of ChildA judge on Long Island has granted the first ever tri-custody of a child!
Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are Competitive Parents"You do slip it into every single thing you say. If she's being cute, you're like, 'Oh my god, Look at how cute you are! Dada!" Levine said.
Is It Rude To Send Your Parents a Text On Their Birthday?Jeffrey says it’s nothing personal, he’s just a texter and he doesn’t speak to people on the phone – parents included. Karen was not having it!
Understanding the "Baby Shelf" with Karen and JeffreyThis morning on Karen and Jeffrey, the topic of the "baby shelf" in public restrooms was brought to Karen's attention.
What's the MOST Annoying Thing About Being a Parent?Jeffrey came to Karen today asking her what exactly KidzBop is -- because he had never heard of it.

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