Nordstrom Starbucks + Alexander Wang 'Unisex' Tee ($85)

Really, Alexander Wang? I Can Do This for FREE!

No disrespect to Mr. Alexander Wang but seriously… I create this design on a daily basis… accidentally of course, but always without fail! Lay your eyes on the “Coffee Stain” tee being sold at Starbucks… […]


Fresh Styles: Get Lacy and Racey Like Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga is one fabulous mother monster! From her music to her lifestyle, the singer exudes individuality. Perhaps, her most creative outlet – her sense of style. So, what better way to honor all things […]


Fresh Styles: Get Shakira’s Sultry Style

The sultry Colombian born singer, Shakira, is celebrating her 34th birthday today. In honor of her special day – we are celebrating her sexy style with another edition of Fresh Styles. The talented beauty has […]