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Molly’s Comedy Mix at Half-Past Six: Nicholas Cage, Obama and Facebook!

On today’s Molly’s Comedy Mix, we’ve got Jim’s little niece, Molly talking about   Nicholas Cage, Obama and Facebook!  Check her out after the jump!



Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire? You Be The Judge!

An antiques dealer came across a Civil War picture of a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Nicolas Cage. The picture was at the back of an album filled with death photos and he is […]


Fresh Fact or Fiction: Tax Man Edition!

In honor of the beloved tax season we have put together another edition of Fact or Fiction! In addition, we all know that the IRS loves to target a celeb or two. So, in today’s […]


Nicolas Cage Proves That Blondes Have More Fun, Or Does He?!

Nicolas Cage has gone blonde for his new movie. While out promoting his new movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” at WonderCon he unveiled his new/old look with shoulder-length blonde locks…kind of a “Con Air” do over.