Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio

Hello Sailors! Fleet Week 2012 Arrives In NYC

A flotilla of 17 tall ships and 10 warships from across the world will enter New York Harbor and over 6,000 sailors in uniform will be in the city over Memorial Day weekend.


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It’s Official: Watch the U.S. Navy’s First Lesbian Kiss!

This picture could very well replace the historical picture of the sailor and the nurse kissing in the street when they announced the end of World War II. Gays serving openly in the military has […]


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What’s the Best Surprise You Can Get at Thanksgiving? How About Your Son Home From War?

I am obsessed with the videos all over the Internet of the soldiers returning from overseas to surprise their families. I especially love the videos with the kids who get so emotional when they see […]



Chow Down and Support U.S. Veterans At the Same Time!

With Veteran’s day coming tomorrow, I figured I’d get you started on the right foot… FOOD! You can support our former service men and women by buying some AMAZING munchies from Five Point Snacks!



Viral Video: Soldier Comes Out On YouTube

Just days after the U.S. Military declared the era of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell officially over, one very eager airman took this momentous occasion to come out to his family… and he put it on […]


What's Fresh Around Town for Tuesday: Military Members Get Free Mets Tix!

The Mets are giving away 4,000 free tickets for tonight’s game to military members and their families! Read on to get the details and to find out what else made today’s list of What’s Fresh […]