Prince Reveals Snippet of New Track 'This Could Be Us,' Inspired By a Prince MemeYesterday, Prince tweeted out a link to a 36-second snippet of the song, "This Could Be Us," which was inspired by a meme of him from Purple Rain where he's seen riding on a motorcycle with Apollonia.
Harlem Shake, The Life-Ruining MemeAt its peak, the video meme that exploded around Baauer’s unexpected No. 1 smash “Harlem Shake” turned into a seemingly ubiquitous sensation, with 4,000 of the viral clips being added to YouTube on a daily basis as of early February.
What The Heck Is A Meme? Take A Seat And Learn SomethingJust because you "use" internet, doesn't mean you "know" internet.
Smash Mouth Eats Eggs, No Longer "All Stars"
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