Jim & Kim’s Battle of the Boroughs: What’s the Best Borough in NYC?

It’s Bronx Week this week… well, actually it’s 10 days long. That’s how awesome the Bronx is! The Bronx is the birthplace of many famous people: Jennifer Lopez, Billy Joel, James Caan, Cuba Gooding, Jr., […]



NYC Spots Owned, Affiliated and Haunted By Your Favorite Celebs

When you think of your favorites artists, like Justin Timberlake and Gavin DeGraw, you think of all the hits they’ve given us. When you think of Robert De Niro, you think of those movies that […]


"Scavenger Hunt!"

It’s Time for a NYC Taxi Scavenger Hunt!!

Have you ever lost something in a New York City taxi? I just lost an item of clothing in a cab yesterday morning… so what do you think the odds are of me ever getting […]


Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

If I Had $173 Million Dollars… What Would I Do?

If I had $173 million dollars, what would I do with all of that cash? That’s the very question each member of the Jim & Kim Show asked one another this morning… and we also asked the people […]


"Can't catch me, Copper!"

If You Could Commit a Crime AND NOT GET CAUGHT, Would You Do It?

If you could commit a crime AND NOT GET CAUGHT, would you actually be able to do it… and what exactly would your master plan be? We decided to ask New Yorkers on the streets […]


"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!"

5.9 Earthquake Rattles NYC, Everyone Goes Back To Work

Here we are, sitting on the 11th floor of our building in Lower Manhattan… when all of sudden the ground starts shaking! Wait, what? There’s no earthquakes in New York… right?


Celebrate Born This Way's Release with Lady Gaga in NYC!

It’s here, it’s finally here! Lady Gaga‘s NEW album Born This Way officially hit stores TODAY (Monday, May 23rd). Mother Monster will be celebrating with a stop right here in her hometown, attending an album […]


Fresh Fact or Fiction: NYC Area Code Edition!

New York City has a brand new area code – 929! Apparently, New Yorkers are stuck on the existing codes and the new digits are causing quite a tizzy. We decided to test your area […]


Can You Imagine Living In a 90 Square Foot Apartment?!

Living in NYC is one of the greatest things in the world! I absolutely adore walking out of my door and having the entire city at my disposal. I live in the West Village which […]


Jim & Kim Go Bowling With The Plain White T's!

Jim & Kim hung out with The Plain White T’s on Tuesday Night and had fun with some FRESH 102.7 listeners bowling!  Check out all the photos of Jim & Kim bowling with FRESH 102.7 […]