Lost Phone

Producer Craig’s Cell Phone Panic Attack

I can tell you firsthand: losing your cell phone, especially in this day and age, is one of the worst feelings in the world… and you only have yourself to blame. That’s exactly what happened […]


AP Photo/David McNew, pool

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail

Lindsay Lohan was in court today to face the judge after she allegedly violated probation by not attending her court-ordered community service and therapy sessions. The actress admitted to violating her probation and in sentencing, […]


"Imma punch THAT girl where the sun don't shine!" Photo: Carlo Allegri/Getty

Matthew Fox Punches Woman in Lady Parts, Completes His Jersey Shore Audition

What’s Matthew Fox been doing since LOST went off the air? Umm… punching women in the boobs in Ohio, that’s what.


Malicious Gossip: Who’s Next on Glee?

Glee is in talks to highlight one of the all-time famous pop stars in a future episode.  Check out who it is!


LOST Addresses Years of Questions

The premiere of “Lost” ended memorably with Charlie’s plaintive question to his fellow island castaways: “Guys, where ARE we?” Six seasons and some 120 episodes later, many viewers might be wondering the same thing as […]


LOST Writers Ambushed by Muppets

LOST is currently in its final season, and the writers are trying to protect secrets from the show from being leaked – this includes protecting them from aggressive Muppets. Read more to see what we […]


Confused about LOST?

This final season is making us all crazy, isn’t it? I was going to post a photo of the whole cast, but figured the world would be a better place this way. After all, didn’t […]