Lonely Boy

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The Black Keys Sue Casino Over “Howlin’ For You” Rip-Off Commercials

With bands continually looking for ways to augment income in face of decreasing across-the-board record sales, brazen advertisers have allowed the Black Keys to turn commercial lawsuits into a lucrative revenue stream.


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The Black Keys’ Notes On Success: ‘Never Feel Like You’re Entitled To It’

Despite not releasing an album in 2012, the Black Keys dominated the year in a lot of ways. The most surprising thing, however, is the feasibility of the rock duo doing the same thing in 2013.


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Fresh Look: The Black Keys – ‘Lonely Boy’ Video Premiere

The Black Keys have a brand spankin’ new video out and you don’t want to miss it! Watch this guy channel his inner Napolean Dynamite or maybe that dude from the Fresh Prince of Bel […]