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"I'll show you bad hair!"

Ever Tried to Critique Your Wife, How She Looks… Then It All Goes Bad?

Well, really bad, if I’m being honest. My wife has always told me that if something doesn’t look right… her makeup, her clothing, HER HAIR… that I should tell her, so that she doesn’t walk […]


"Is that my wife out there?!"

Jim’s Wife Asked for My Help This Morning Convincing Him to Do Something For Her…

I’m always more than happy to help out Jim’s wife wife when it means he will have to do something he’s dragging his feet on! Cathy called me up in secret and said Jim has […]


"I'll show HER!"

What Is It About Your Ex That Makes You Glad That They’re Your EX?!

I just recently broke up with my boyfriend. It wasn’t a very serious relationship and it was relatively short-term, but a break-up is a break-up… especially when they start posting stuff about you on Facebook!!