Is It Rude To Send Your Parents a Text On Their Birthday?Jeffrey says it’s nothing personal, he’s just a texter and he doesn’t speak to people on the phone – parents included. Karen was not having it!
8 Year-Old Drummer Slays Twenty One Pilots SongsWatch Milana play along to "Lane Boy" and "Ode To Sleep."
Understanding the "Baby Shelf" with Karen and JeffreyThis morning on Karen and Jeffrey, the topic of the "baby shelf" in public restrooms was brought to Karen's attention.
What's the MOST Annoying Thing About Being a Parent?Jeffrey came to Karen today asking her what exactly KidzBop is -- because he had never heard of it.
Karen's 'Mom of the Year' Moment: Back Away Slowly from the InjuryAs much as I like to think I work hard to be the best mom I can, there's always that moment where you look back and think "Did I REALLY react that way?" ~Karen
FM Magazine: Boys & Girls Harbor 2016 Salute to AchievementDeb Gordon’s guest was Dr. Thomas Howard, Executive Director of Boys & Girls Harbor, a Harlem based non-profit founded in 1937 as a camp by Tony Duke which has grown to become a leader in performing arts education.
This Week on FM Magazine: Spotlighting September 11On the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Deb Gordon guests were Terri Sears, Executive Director of Tuesday’s Children and Dr. Robin Goodman, Executive Director of A Caring Hand, two organizations that were formed out of the tragic events surrounding September 11, and continue to serve the community in a variety of ways.
FM Magazine: Supima Design Competition at New York Fashion WeekDeb Gordon’s guest was Buxton Midyette, Vice President of Marketing at Supima, the legendary brand for American made pima cotton, known for being among the finest around.
This Week on FM Magazine: Police Athletic League (PAL) NYC Summer PlaystreetsDeb Gordon spotlighted The Police Athletic League (PAL) Summer Playstreets with Frederick Watts, Executive Director of PAL, one of New York’s oldest youth service organizations.
LifePaint Makes Your Bike Safer, and a Whole Lot Cooler Looking TooRiding your bike around the city can be a daunting task -- especially at night. Volvo is here to help...
Kids Decide: Would a Lady Santa Do a Better Job Than the REAL Santa?Well, if anything, a woman Santa could really decide who’s naughty and who’s nice, 'cause we all know women are PROFESSIONAL stalkers when they need to be.
The Cutest Kids of NYC Comic Con This YearWhat is probably the most overlooked demographic at the event is undoubtedly the cutest - we must acknowledge the children of NYCC!

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