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Gym Class Heroes Perform “The Fighter” With Staten Island’s PS22 Chorus

The guys of Gym Class Heroes performed at Wagner College in Staten Island this Monday along with some special guests: the chorus of PS22.


Jim & John

Twenty One, Going On Six

My son, John, just turned 21. I still can’t believe he’s reached this milestone. It just seems like yesterday we were playing wiffleball in the backyard, going to his first tee-ball game and making a […]


"I said you're IT, Jim!"

Jim & Kim’s Meet On the Street: What Was Your Favorite Outside Game as a Kid?

My niece and nephew were playing Red Light, Green Light last Sunday when the family got together and we figured it was time for another Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street… So, we headed […]


"I just coated mine with axle grease!"

Little Kids Sledding Sleigh Me…

When I was a kid growing up in Bellrose, all the kids on 89th Avenue used to go sledding on the Cross Island Parkway. Yeah, I know, looking back… that’s just stupid. It was a […]


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Who’s Your Favorite Parent: Baby Gets Interrogated Law & Order Style!

Sure, we’re losing our freedom and handing over liberties faster than you can say “Occupy” here in America but that doesn’t mean we’re anything like those crazy Australians who apparently think it’s alright to interrogate […]


The Dude Abides...

What Do Kids Want From Santa This Year?

Most people have their family Christmas parties at a relative’s house. The kids all sit at the card table with the shaky legs on the shag carpet, the adult-types drink wine and get progressively louder […]


"Thanks Uncle Jim!"

I’m Tired of Buying Christmas Gifts for a Bunch of Kids When I Only Have One Son!!!

We just had our family Christmas party over the weekend, and my family is so large that we hold it at a local VFW Hall. The kids played musical chairs and did arts and crafts… […]


Nighttime Party!

When Was the Last Time You Were a Dirty Rotten Stay Out?!

My wife and I are hardly the party animals. We have a son, so we don’t usually spend the weekends out until all hours. We love to do family nights… Friday night was a Pay-Per-View […]


"I wanna be a Kardashian when I grow up!"

What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

When you were little, did you dream of becoming an athlete or an actor or a bus driver…remember how glamourous working in a grocery store or post office seemed when you were a kid? So […]


"Mmmmm... Candy Corn!"

Keep The Riff Raff Away: Give Kids CANDY For Halloween!

You know when you went trick or treating with your friends on Halloween, there were always those homes that gave away the single lollipops, or the small bag of pennies, or the ball of popcorn […]