The Cutest Kids of NYC Comic Con This YearWhat is probably the most overlooked demographic at the event is undoubtedly the cutest - we must acknowledge the children of NYCC!
Little Girl Catches Huge Fish With Barbie PollThis might be the cutest fishing video EVER!!!
Mom Teaches Son A Life Lesson In The Most Epic WaySo, what do you do when your kid isn’t the little angel you always hoped they would be? You teach them a hard life lesson.
American Kids Try Lunches from Around the WorldThese kids had the funniest reactions to the different kinds of food served all over the world.
Bruce Jenner Becomes Caitlin Jenner: What I Told MY KidsWe’ll just take it one conversation at a time. And in the process, we can all learn.
Kids React To Using An Encyclopedia, Wonder Where the Heck Google WasThose Fine Brothers are back with another insightful video showing what it's like to be a kid in the new millennium.
Little Boy Has Meltdown After Stepping in PoopWe can STILL remember stepping in dog poop for the first time. It might even be one of our first memories.
Best Summer Movies For KidsIt’s summer and that only means one thing: the kids are out of school! Instead of panicking and sending them to nearest summer camp you can find, why not enjoy a few summer blockbusters? The 2014 summer movie schedule has plenty to offer for any kid, from action to drama (yes, even kids like a little drama in their movies). So take a look at the top movie picks to take you kid to this summer.
Could You Go a Full Year Without Yelling At Your Kids? It's the 'Orange Rhino Challenge!'Think about it Mom: When the kids are throwing a temper tantrum, refusing go to bed and just generally talking back and driving you to your wits end... could you do it all without yelling?
Music May Help Kids With ADHD Concentrate, Study FindsMany parents would say no TV until your homework is finished, but what about music?
Taylor Swift Covers Cosmo, Talks Favorite Lyrics, Dating Strategies, And Having 'A Bunch Of' KidsAs the cover star for the December issue of "Cosmopolitan," Taylor Swift dishes on lyrics, motherhood, and dating. "I’ve had a lot of dark and twisty situations happen," she says, and they're "not interesting to me.”
What Are The Most Inappropriate Kids' Halloween Costumes?Halloween is right around the corner and moms everywhere are arguing with their kids about what costumes they want to wear this year. Then, there are the parents who dress their children in incredibly inappropriate costumes...
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