#HotMessMomMoment: Karen Shares Her Messy Moment From The Holiday Weekend!Karen and her family went to Rhode Island for the weekend and her kids had an embarrassing moment after she had a couple of margarita's and Salt N Pepa's "Push It" came on!
#HotMessMomMonday: Jill Nicolini and Karen Carson Share Messy Mom Moments From The WeekendToday is #HotMessMomMonday on Karen & Jeffrey and this morning, Karen and Jill Nicolini, who was in for Jeffrey, spilled the tea on their messy mom moments from the weekend.
What’s Your #HotMessMomMoment Of The Week? Karen Reveals Hers!This morning, Karen revealed her hilarious #HotMessMomMoment of the week!
#JesusFixIt: What Do You Do When Your Kid Has a Meltdown?One of Jeffrey’s friends came over to his apartment last night with her 4-year-old son and he literally had a screaming and crying fit because his tablet wasn't working!
Jeffrey Is Getting Parenting Advice From... Celebs?This morning, Jeffrey said he's been googling parenting advice and actually found some interesting advice from celebs.
Jeffrey's Adoption Meeting Was This Weekend... What Happened?!Find out what happened during the meeting that may have caused Jeffrey to have a change of heart.
Is Jeffrey Really Ready To Be a Parent?Is Jeffrey really ready to be a parent? This morning, Jeffrey revealed that he and his husband's adoption meeting is this weekend -- and he is freaking out! Karen tried to talk him off the ledge!
#HotMessMomMonday: Karen Shares Her Messy Moment From Over The WeekendToday is #HotMessMomMonday on Karen & Jeffrey and this morning, Karen spilled the tea on her messy mom moment from over the weekend with her kids.
This Week on FM Magazine: Children’s Aid SocietyDeb Gordon’s guest was Alexandra Cannon, Co-president of the Children’s Aid Society Associates Council. Children’s Aid Society is one of the longest children’s services agencies in the country and is dedicated to helping New York children succeed and thrive.
FM Magazine: The New York Int'l Children’s Film FestivalDeb Gordon spotlighted the 20th Annual New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival with Executive Director, Nina Guralnick and Programming Director, Maria Christina Villaseñor.
Is It Rude To Send Your Parents a Text On Their Birthday?Jeffrey says it’s nothing personal, he’s just a texter and he doesn’t speak to people on the phone – parents included. Karen was not having it!
8 Year-Old Drummer Slays Twenty One Pilots SongsWatch Milana play along to "Lane Boy" and "Ode To Sleep."

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