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Quick! What Was Your Prom Date’s Name… And Were They Worth It?!

It’s probably not a memory that you think about a lot, but when I ask “what was your prom date’s name…” the memories come flooding back!



Jim & Kim’s Office Space: Where Is Your Secret Present Stash?

Have you been doing your holiday shopping? Some people are already done! I haven’t even started my shopping yet. I’m getting off to a slow start this year. But if you’ve already hit the malls, elbowed your way through throngs of people to get the best bargains, then you need someplace to hide them all.


Jim's Pink Umbrella... Ella... Ella...

Jim & Kim’s Office Space: Would Guys Use a Pink Umbrella If It Was Their Only Choice?

We decided to test the guys in our office to see if they thought their masculinity would be compromised by a pink umbrella.



Jim & Kim’s Office Space: What Are You Always Misplacing?

Have you ever walked into a room and completely forgot what it was you came in for?


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J&K’s Office Space: If You Won the Lotto Jackpot, Who Would You Leave Out Of Your Share-Fest?

That’s the beauty of dreaming of winning the lottery… you can use it as a weapon in your dreams!


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Jim & Kim’s Office Space: The ‘Unlimited Whatever’ Card – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

It’s time for another round of Jim & Kim’s Office Space. We’ll ambush our co-workers and ask them a random question and you get to point and laugh and most likely agree with their awesome answers. Today’s question: If you had a card that gave you “unlimited whatever you want for life,” what would it be?


"Stupid split ends!"

Jim & Kim’s Office Space: How Long Does It Take You to Do Your Hair in the Morning?

I wish I was a natural beauty. I really do. On a Sunday, I can pull off the sweats and ponytail look with the best of them. But when Michael and I are going out […]



Jim & Kim’s Office Space: At What Age Would You Say You Were the Happiest?

That got you thinking didn’t it? Some people look back and wish they were younger. Some haven’t reached their happiest year yet. I am happy to say that things keep getting better each year, so […]