Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street

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J&K’s Meet on the Street: Who Would You Like to Scratch Off Your Christmas List?

Forget Santa’s Naughty and Nice list… the big man knows who has been good this year, but I have one person on my list I would like to cross off of it! Do you have one of those?


NYC Subway

Jim & Kim’s Meet On the Street: Don’t You Think the Subways Should Offer More?

Now that the MTA has come up with four new plans and all of them involve more money coming out of our pockets, it’s time to ask WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME??!!


"You shouldn't have said that..."

Jim & Kim’s Meet On the Street: If You Could Get Rid Of One Of Your Co-workers, Who Would It Be?

I’m not talking “sleeps with the fishes” get rid of someone…more of a gentle nudge out the door with a great severance package and you don’t have to deal with them anymore.



Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street: What Do You Hate People Watching You Do?

One of the things I like watching my boyfriend do is shave while he is getting ready for work. We talk and it makes me feel super close to him. I happened to mention this to Jim and Producer Craig and they were both appalled. Apparently they HATE when people watch them shave… going so far as to shut the door for privacy. And it got us to thinking about the things you hate to do in front of other people.


Number 1

Jim & Kim Meet on the Street: I Want to Be Known as the World’s Best…

We are officially 100 days away from the London Olympics. Dozens of Olympic hopefuls gathered in Times Square today giving New Yorkers a chance to see the future hope of our country. They are the […]



Jim & Kim Meet on the Street: If You Were in Charge of Taxes, Who At Work Would You Tax The Most?

The boss? That’s waaaay too easy! What about that guy that always steals your food from the fridge? Or that girl who always has inappropriately loud conversations with her boyfriend from her cubicle for all […]


Email Snooper

Jim & Kim’s Meet On The Street: Snooping At Your S.O.’s Email??

Today’s edition of Jim and Kim’s Meet On The Street is all about checking out your significant others email without them knowing! Statistics say women do it almost twice as much as men do it, […]


"Need More Sleep!"

Jim & Kim Meet on the Street: Who Will Be the Grumpiest Person In Your Life When We Lose An Hour of Sleep This Weekend?

This weekend we “spring ahead,” which means we lose an hour of sleep. But on the bright side, we will have all kinds of daylight on Sunday. All next week it is going to be […]


"Nag nag nag nag nag!"

Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street: What Do You Nag Him About Most?

Do you nag your man? I have to tell you, it’s one of the things I try really hard not to do. Sometimes I will catch myself mid-nag and switch gears as quickly as possible […]



Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street: Vacationing with the Boss… and Have No Idea How to Behave!

I’m an avid golfer. OK, maybe it’s a slight obsession. I carry my golf clubs (henceforth referred to as “sticks”) in my car because you just never know when a scramble might break out and […]