Jennifer Aniston

Emmy Rossum & Adam Duritz Call It Quits

The world’s most random couple has broke up. Emmy Rossum, famous for her role in the movie remake of Phantom of the Opera, and Counting Crows frontman, Adam Duritz, got together a little over a […]


Malicious Gossip: Who's Competing for John Mayer?

Who is Jennifer Anniston having to compete with for [lastfm]John Mayer[/lastfm]’s affection?  Find out here!


John Mayer Upset Over Aniston Story

[lastfm]John Mayer[/lastfm] usually laughs off stories about his personal life, but a recent report that he’s re-kindled a romance with Jennifer Aniston really got under his skin.


Jim & Kim talk to David Arquette: Part 2!

This morning Jim and Kim talked to David Arquette about his recent charity work!  Part 2 centers on his relationship with his wife, Courtney Cox, and the next installment of the Scream series!


Heather’s Bounty Hunter on Letterman

Here’s Gerard Butler with “The Bounty Hunter” co-star Jen Aniston. In case you weren’t aware, our midday girl Heather has a big crush on the Scottish movie star.