Helium Theater

Helium Theater: Pirates of the Caribbean!

Listen to Jim and Kim tackle the Johnny Depp film Pirates of the Caribbean on today’s edition of Helium Theater!


Helium Theater for May 26th: Sex and the City!

Diana from Connecticut correctly guessed the the movie that Jim and Kim performed during today’s Helium Theater!


Helium Theater: The Wizard of Oz!

Jim and Kim tackled an all-time classic with todays edition of Helium Theater!  Listen as Dorothy scolds the Cowardly Lion…on Helium!


Helium Theater: Back to the Future

Take a trip with Doc Brown and Marty McFly (aka Jim and Kim) and they fly (via helium) Back to the Future!  Listen here!


Helium Theater: A League of Their Own

Baseball has returned to the NYC area and it’s returned to Helium Theater.  Listen to Jim and Kim tackle a classic scene from the film!


Helium Theater: The Empire Strikes Back

Listen to Jim & Kim perform a special “Producer Craig’s Birthday Edition” of Helium Theater…The Empire Strikes Back!