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5 Harrison Ford Close Calls in Movies

We’re glad the man was able to pull off an amazing escape in real life, since he does it in the movies pretty often.


harrison ford plane crash

The Inevitable Star Wars Related Tweets About Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash

When a legendary sci-fi hero survives a catastrophic event, the creativity of fanboys and fangals on Twitter ignites.


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Harrison Ford in Critical Condition after Plane Crash

A pilot believed to be actor Harrison Ford crashed a small, two-seater airplane on a Venice, CA golf course.


Happy Birthday: Harrison Ford

Happy 68th birthday to Harrison Ford. Ford is best known as “Han Solo” and “Indiana Jones,” as well as for his roles in Witness, The Fugitive, Patriot Games and Air Force One.


Remember the movie "Presumed Innocent" with Harrison Ford? Then you will love today's Kim's Book on the Beach!!

Scott Turow has finally written the follow-up to Presumed Innocent. The movie starred Harrison Ford as Rusty Sabich who is a prosecutor that is on trial for the murder of his lover. And now Innocent picks […]


Malicious Gossip: June 9, 2010

Harrison Ford, stuntman! Read On!


Malicious Gossip for Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bradley Cooper’s bad haircut! Listen Here!


Star Wars + Indiana Jones= Harrison Ford’s Next Movie!

Harrison Ford is making a return to sci-fi by combining his two biggest franchises (and, no, Indy 4 doesn’t count).  He’s teaming up with James Bond AND the director of Iron Man!  Find out more…