(Courtesy Island Def Jam)

Gaslight Anthem Premiere Short Film ‘Every Word Handwritten’ In New York

Every piece of vinyl has a story to tell and The Gaslight Anthem bring this concept to life in their new short film Every Word Handwritten. Inspired by the band’s song “Handwritten,” the 15-minute film follows the lifespan of one vinyl record. Directed by Kevin Slack, Gaslight Anthem drummer Benny Horowitz came to him with the initial concept.


Courtesy Island Def Jam

Gaslight Anthem Release “Here Comes My Man” Video Starring Elisha Cuthbert

Man, Elisha Cuthbert just gets better looking. Has anyone else noticed how much she looks like the equally hot Connie Britton of “American Horror Story”? They should play mother-daughter in something. Oh yeah, there’s a new Gaslight Anthem video! And Elisha Cuthbert is in it! Good times.