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Dave Gahan Of Depeche Mode Stars In New “People Are People” Volkswagen Ad

A new Volkswagen commercial is all about Depeche Mode, featuring both their song “People Are People,” and the band’s lead singer, Dave Gahan.


"Is that my wife out there?!"

You Know the Best Day to Go Golfing? Mother’s Day!

I was kind of in the dog house this Mother’s Day… I bought Yankees tickets to take my son to the game months ago and I decided that May 13th would be the perfect Sunday…totally […]


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How Much Do You Really Know About Your Boss?

That is the dilemma my partner, Jim Douglas, is facing… He’s about to embark on a vacation with our enigmatic boss. No one really knows this powerful figure. He is a mystery to us all, […]



Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street: Vacationing with the Boss… and Have No Idea How to Behave!

I’m an avid golfer. OK, maybe it’s a slight obsession. I carry my golf clubs (henceforth referred to as “sticks”) in my car because you just never know when a scramble might break out and […]


What’s Fresh Around Town: Wimbledon 2011!

Wimbledon 2011 comes to Rockefeller Center this week! There are tons of tennis events for you to participate in! Catch the details in today’s What’s Fresh Around Town!


Quality Time with Dad: Learn to Play Golf!

It’s Springtime. The perfect time to break out the golf clubs and spend some quality time with the kids,  just like this fella Michael O’Connell and his sons Aiden and Colton who I met at […]


Boneheads in The News: September 2nd

A 25 acre fire was started because of a golf club!  Imagine being that guy!


Tiger Woods is Officially Divorced

Tiger Woods and his Swedish-born wife officially divorced Monday, nine months after his middle-of-the night car crash outside his home set off shocking revelations that the world’s most famous athlete had been cheating on his […]


The All-Dancing Morning Show!

Check out the Morning Show as we make our Debut Video with Mickey down in Florida!