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Is It Bad That I Bought My Wife a Gift Card For Her Birthday?

Ok, maybe that wasn’t actually the issue this morning…it was the way I described the gift card that had my partner, Kim, dialing the phone. This week is a big week for my wife. Mother’s […]


Worst. Necklace. EVER!

What Do You Do If Your Boyfriend’s Parents Give You a Really Ugly Christmas Present?

It’s a touchy subject… Your boyfriend’s parents give you an incredibly tacky Christmas present and you want to return it for something else… what do you do?


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Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D Gives $40K Gift to Kim Kardashian

That DJ Pauly D, he’s such a softie. Dude wasn’t even invited to the Kardashian-Humphries wedding, but he still wanted to give the couple a gift in honor of their nuptials.