Tattle Tale

My Partner is a Tattletale: She Told on Me to My Wife!

Last week, I cut myself shaving. Every guy has done it many times. Mine just happened to be about a quarter of an inch below my eye, which sent my partner into peals of laughter […]


"Can I check Farmville now, please?"

Can I Give My Wife a Birthday Present That Is a Re-Gift?

Well, it’s not really a re-gift…exactly. My wife has been asking for a new laptop and I researched (ok, Producer Craig researched) the best laptop for her needs. Those needs really boil down to shopping, […]


Who's the Biggest Baby?

Who Is a Bigger Baby When They Are Sick… Guys or Girls?

My boyfriend and I recently went through dual sicknesses… our first time being under the weather since we’ve been together. We both try to be really healthy, so coming down with a stomach bug was […]


"Nag nag nag nag nag!"

Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street: What Do You Nag Him About Most?

Do you nag your man? I have to tell you, it’s one of the things I try really hard not to do. Sometimes I will catch myself mid-nag and switch gears as quickly as possible […]


Jammin' With Gram

Jim & Kim’s Jammin’ With Gram (Madonna Edition): Grammy Don’t Preach!

Today, we had a listener named Mike call in to try to figure out what lyrics Gram was rockin’ while cooking up some chicken soup this morning. Find out how Mike did after the jump!


Photo by Paula Braunstein//Getty Images

How Much Do You Really Know About Your Boss?

That is the dilemma my partner, Jim Douglas, is facing… He’s about to embark on a vacation with our enigmatic boss. No one really knows this powerful figure. He is a mystery to us all, […]


"SHOTGUN Top Bunk!"

I’m Starting to Panic About My Vacation with the Boss!!

I’m one day away from vacationing with the boss. One day closer to having absolutely nothing to speak to him about. It seemed like such a good idea when we planned this in December. But […]


Photo by Felix Kunze/Getty Images

Bringing Sexy Back (In the Form of Fanny Packs!)

That’s right! I said it… I love my fanny pack!! Up until this morning, I thought it was still in style. I had no idea that fanny packs are considered passe. A fanny pack is […]



Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street: Vacationing with the Boss… and Have No Idea How to Behave!

I’m an avid golfer. OK, maybe it’s a slight obsession. I carry my golf clubs (henceforth referred to as “sticks”) in my car because you just never know when a scramble might break out and […]


Jammin' With Gram!

Jim & Kim’s Jammin’ With Gram (Madonna Edition): Express Yourself!

Today, we had a listener named Erin call in to try to figure out what lyrics Gram was rockin’ while cooking up some chicken soup this morning. Find out how Erin did after the jump!





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