I Have a Bone to Pick With My Father!!!

I’m super close to my family…my mom, my dad, brother and sister. I talk to them almost every day because they all live out of town, scattered about the country. I’m always so jealous when […]


Barbara and her big mouth!

My Sister, The Tattle-Tale!!!!

I grew up with five sisters… the only boy in a house full of girls… and ONE bathroom. Because I was the only boy, I was a bit of a pain in the butt. I […]



Would a Pedicab Take Me All the Way to Long Island?

Have you seen the price of gas?! And it’s only going up! I live in Seaford, which means I commute from Long Island to the city… 88 miles, five days a week. That has me […]


"A guy can dream, can't he?"

I Made A BIG Mistake… I Took Jim and Producer Craig Bikini Shopping!!

I’m getting ready for a beach vacation with my boyfriend in the Bahamas and he happened to mention to me that he had this picture in his mind of the two of us listening to […]


"Lookin' good so far, Craigy..."

Jim & Kim’s Colonoscopy Ambush with Producer Craig!

One of the best parts about being a producer is that I don’t have the stress of being the star of the show. I don’t have to worry about the smallest details of my life […]


via YouTube

The Groggers Trade Recording for Rhinoplasty with “A Nose Job Love Song”

Can you imagine trading out a nose job for a song? That’s exactly what Doug from the band The Groggers did. And his doctor’s name? Dr. Schnoz! Well, his real name is Dr. Michael Salzhauer […]


Can YOU find The Lorax?

What Would Happen if Dr. Seuss Wrote About the Jersey Shore?

I was always a huge Dr. Seuss fan growing up. The rhyming speaks to me. Remember “Green Eggs and Ham?” With the release of the new Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax and the recent announcement […]


Table Setting

My First Date with My Boyfriend’s Dad…

My boyfriend works in the hospitality industry… which means I have a lot of Friday and Saturday nights to myself. So, this week I decided it would be fun to go out on a dinner […]


Tattle Tale

My Partner is a Tattletale: She Told on Me to My Wife!

Last week, I cut myself shaving. Every guy has done it many times. Mine just happened to be about a quarter of an inch below my eye, which sent my partner into peals of laughter […]


"Can I check Farmville now, please?"

Can I Give My Wife a Birthday Present That Is a Re-Gift?

Well, it’s not really a re-gift…exactly. My wife has been asking for a new laptop and I researched (ok, Producer Craig researched) the best laptop for her needs. Those needs really boil down to shopping, […]