Johnny T via Youtube

If You Work in NYC, Click here to LOL: Johnny T’s Tourist Tips!

Go ahead admit it…you’re trying to get to work and walk fast down the sidewalk and there are a bunch of tourists (holding hands across the width of the sidewalk) taking their sweet time strolling along … It’s all you can do to not scream “GET OUTTA THE WAY!!!!!”


B***hole Surfers' Electric Larryland

25 Of The Weirdest Album Covers

As the importance of album art diminishes in the modern world of digital downloads, we take a look back at some of the stranger CD and record covers; The ones that made us go “Hmmm?”



Five Year Old Needs A Job Before Getting Married

I love this little girl! It took most of us years to figure out our path in life. This pint size powerhouse knows EXACTLY what she wants… at 5 years old. Read More On


Kid In Hospital

Fun with Anesthesia: Meet The New “David After Dentist”

Anesthesia may make some people act a little odd. But it makes kids act like drunken, stand up comedians! You should remember the video that went viral a while back of a little boy acting […]



How Do You Get a Telemarketer Off the Phone?!

The “do not call list” is a total farce. I am getting all kinds of calls on my cell phone from telemarketers and they are driving me crazy! I have even received a few telemarketer […]



Kim’s Confessions: “I’m Under the Age of 90 and I LOVE Bingo!”

Producer Craig and Maze (who is filling in for my vacationing partner, Jim) were giving me a hard time this morning because I like to play bingo. Yes, you heard me right, I play bingo. […]


"One of these women are gonna get cut!"

Did You Go To Your High School Reunion? Was It For REVENGE?

I was a pretty awkward teenager. Ok, I was a REALLY awkward teenager. That made my high school years hell. So when it came time to go to my high school reunion, I had absolutely […]


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Today Is Opening Day at Citi Field and Our Long-Suffering Fans Have Penned a Special Song

The Mets have been the target of many a joke and with opening day at 1:10 this afternoon, the fans are hopeful… as they are every single season. Unfortunately, in the past few seasons, those […]


"I'll show you bad hair!"

Ever Tried to Critique Your Wife, How She Looks… Then It All Goes Bad?

Well, really bad, if I’m being honest. My wife has always told me that if something doesn’t look right… her makeup, her clothing, HER HAIR… that I should tell her, so that she doesn’t walk […]



Kelly Ripa and Family Attend Bensonhurst Spelling Bee In Funny Or Die Video

Funny or die has delivered yet another laugh out loud parody. In this featured video, television host Kelly Ripa, her husband/actor Mark Consuelos and their son Michael make their debut in a hilarious shout […]